CoupevilleDestination Whidbey April 29, 2024

Coupeville Waterfront

Captains in the 1850s knew paradise when they saw it. The deep waters of Penn Cove were advantageous for commerce, the land was lush, the sea life was abundant, and the views were incredible. Coupeville became known as the “City of Sea Captains,” where at least 5 wharves have stretched into the cove over the years. Today along the shoreline of the historic town, maritime commerce has mostly been replaced with local shops filled with books, treasures, art, and more. Restaurants serve the world-renowned Penn Cove mussels straight from the waters below. Enjoy Coupeville, one of the oldest towns in the state of Washington. This beautiful image of Coupeville Waterfront was taken by @pnwdeparture 

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