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  Understanding Property Assessments and Taxes in Island County At Windermere Whidbey Island, we are committed to providing our clients with valuable insights and information about the real estate market on Whidbey Island, Washington. One topic that frequently comes up in discussions with our clients is how property assessments and taxes work in Island County. To help clarify this complex process, we recently had […]
  The Orchestra of Real Estate Have you ever wondered who all is involved during a real estate transaction? If so, follow along as we discuss the orchestra of Real Estate. Keep reading as we share how Realtors coordinate the players in every transaction. In the world of real estate, orchestrating a successful transaction is akin to conducting a symphony. Behind […]
  Utilize That Tax Refund to Benefit Your Future Self While every tax refund is different, if you received a refund this year, it’s likely that it is larger than in years past. On April 15th CNET shared that: “The average refund size is up by 4.6%, from $2,878 for 2023’s tax season through April 7, to $3,011 for this season through April 5.” There […]
  Freebies on Whidbey Free? Such a fine idea. Whether because of benefactors, enlightened management, or simply because it is simpler, many things are free on Whidbey. Buses Thank you, Island Transit! Bus rides on Whidbey and Camano are free. Someone realized that the cost of putting cash boxes, providing security, and generally managing the system cost so much […]
  Maximizing Your Purchasing Potential When it comes to purchasing a home, understanding your buying power and strategically taking steps to enhance your position are key to maximizing your purchasing potential. Beyond just envisioning your dream home, it is crucial to recognize the numerical factors lenders consider when approving you for a mortgage. By strengthening the following key areas, you […]
  Spring Cleaning Spring cleaning has long been a cherished tradition embraced by households worldwide. Stemming from a practical need to freshen up living spaces after the long winter months, this annual ritual has evolved into a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation. Beyond simply tidying up, spring cleaning holds significant importance for both physical and mental well-being. By […]
  Working On Whidbey Are you thinking of moving to Whidbey and wondering what working on Whidbey looks like? We’re not all retirees. Of Island County’s ~87,700 residents, ~28,000 residents have full-time jobs. (EDC Island County Profile 2020) The Navy accounts for ~11,000, so estimate that total at ~39,000. There are many retirees, children, and people employed part-time or […]
  Retirement in your future? If retirement is in your near future, or perhaps you are already there (congratulations) you may find yourself wondering if staying in your home is still a good fit. When you live in a home for an extended period, it is normal for your needs to change as you progress through life’s milestones. You may […]
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  Keeping Saltwater In Its Place Saltwater defines Whidbey Island. We’re surrounded by it. Islands in the ocean are like that. We humans need freshwater, water without the salt. Therefore, keeping saltwater in its place is crucial for survival. Fortunately, Whidbey has freshwater, too. Freshwater flowing into saltwater isn’t usually a problem. The trick is to make sure the flow doesn’t […]
  Navigating Washington’s Agency Agreements Changes You may have heard real estate laws are changing in Washington State. While navigating Washington’s agency agreement changes it’s important to note that it’s not uncommon for laws to change as industries evolve. In 2019 the rules requiring that buyer broker compensation be offered to list a property was eliminated. For transparency purposes, in 2019 […]
  Is the Current Surge in Available Homes Fact or Fiction? Whether you are considering a move or just staying informed about the housing market, having the latest information is crucial. With all the latest headlines you might find yourself wondering, “is the current surge in available homes fact or fiction?” Let us help provide you some insight, follow along for a current update on the […]
  Q3 2023 Gardner Report   If you have further questions and would like to connect with one of our Realtors contact us here.
  Who are you going to call Who are you going to call? That’s up to you. How are you going to call? That’s up to you, too; but, that’s a shorter list. It is also easier to talk about. Welcome to Whidbey, or your new home, or your curiosity. Phone service on the island is unique for several reasons; and can […]
  Extend the Life of Your Herbs Don’t give up on your gardens just yet! These 5 alternative approaches will have your herb garden thriving all winter long. Just because the temperature has changed doesn’t mean your green thumb has to hibernate! You just need to modify your approach to stay gardening throughout the cold season. Are you ready to start producing […]
  Low Housing Inventory Explained If you are considering moving in today’s market, you are probably wondering why it is so hard to find a house to buy. The lack of inventory might leave you feeling a bit defeated and likely on the verge of giving up and waiting to try again when there are more options. But… that is […]
  Firefighting Island Style Firefighters, we respect them. We get out of their way when they’re racing to a scene. We crowd around their trucks when they’re at a fair or a parade. We can tend to think that every firefighter is like every other firefighter, hanging out at a fire station while waiting for a call that demands […]
  Knowing When You’re Ready to Buy Homeownership is a lifestyle choice. Therefore, choosing homeownership isn’t a decision made overnight. The decision often takes careful planning for how the purchase of a home will fit into your life now and in the future. Additionally, the decision will take financial planning for how to pay for the home of your dreams. How will […]
  Q2 2023 Gardner Report   If you are interested in discussing this in more detail with an agent connect with us here so we can schedule you an appointment.      
  State of The Nation’s Housing Explained Harvard University’s latest edition of The State of the Nation’s Housing has arrived, and Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner is here to break down what the data presented in the report means for the U.S. housing market in 2023 and beyond. Watch this video and if you have further questions you would like to discuss […]
  6 Reasons to Attend Open Houses Some people wonder whether or not they should attend open houses. We believe open houses can be incredibly advantageous for both buyers and sellers. Follow along for 6 reasons why you should be attending open houses whether you are planning to buy or sell. Get an idea of how your home compares: If you plan […]