Q4 2022 Gardner Report   Interested in more local stats? See our Market Stats by clicking Here!        
  Drop in Mortgage Rates, What that Means for You Mortgage rates rise and fall in response to varying inflation. If 7% was too high for you, it is likely now a better time to connect with your lender to see if the current rates better align with your monthly housing allowance goals, as mortgage rates have begun to decline. Keeping an eye on inflation […]
  Q3 Gardner Report
  Western Washington Q2 Gardner Report
  Q1 Whidbey Island Market Report 2022       Interested in digging deeper into the stats on Whidbey Island? Check out more stats here. Whether you are considering buying or selling let’s connect so that you have a trusted real estate advisor on your side who can help you strategize to achieve your dream of home ownership.
  Q1 Gardner Report 2022
  Rising Mortgage Rates Whether you are thinking about buying or planning to sell, it is critical for you to understand the role mortgage rates play on buyers purchasing power, and sellers listing prices. But first, some definitions… Mortgage rates: the rate of interest charged on a mortgage loan. Buyers purchasing power: the amount of home you can afford […]
  We are NOT in a Housing Bubble: Here’s Why! Home buyers are beginning to believe we are heading into a housing bubble. It is easy to acknowledge this premonition, as year-after-year home price appreciation has continued to remain in the double digits. However, we are here to put your mind at ease as this market is very different than it was during the housing […]
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