DjangoFest Northwest - 2023

It all started 23 years ago in 2000, and has become a source of great community pride.
Entirely virtual in 2020 and a hybrid event in 2021. Thrilled to be a live event again this year!

The entire Whidbey Island community is looking forward to a return of the full festival, and it’s counted on to kick off an entire fall season of tourist friendly events on the island.


Line up subject to change!

Wednesday evening - Mark Atkinson 4

Thursday evening - Rhythm Future

Friday Matinee - Bistro String Trio, and Pino Noir

Friday evening - Duved Dunayevsky 4

Saturday Matinee - Nuages (opening), and Hot Club of Troy

Sunday Matinee - Bina Coquet 3 with Simon Planting

Sunday Evening - Trio Rasa + Nick Lehr Memorial Djam

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