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Whether it’s the remnants of Camp Casey’s days as a military base, or the ferry house that in the 19th Century used to welcome travelers sailing on Admiralty Inlet, the area around Crockett Lake Estates provides a snapshot into Whidbey’s history.

"Such an amazing place to live. I love the morning sunrises from my balcony." ~B


With pristine farm fields on one side and an ornithological paradise on the other, Crockett Lake Estates is surrounded by the rural and natural wonders of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve that highlights central Whidbey Island. The neighborhood is located adjacent to the 423-acre Crockett Lake Preserve, which is home to more than 200 bird species, is one of the most important birding areas in Washington state. Located in the heart of the Reserve, outdoor recreation opportunities are at the doorstep. Outlying Field, a Navy training facility where jet pilots practice touch-and-go landings, is located next to Crockett Lake Estates. The Navy makes efforts to notify residents when training exercises are scheduled.

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Fort Casey State Park is located near Crockett Lake Estates as is Keystone Harbor, which provides a ferry connection to Port Townsend. Coupeville, the county seat, is minutes away as is the recreation opportunities found throughout Ebey’s Landing.

  • Crockett Lake is ideal for Bird Watching

    Click here to learn more about the habits of birds on Whidbey. 

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