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Northgate Terrace is home to around 250 residences with a community clubhouse where neighbors can host parties, family reunions, and receptions. It provides a taste of island life being nestled in the woods between Oak Harbor and Deception Pass. Yet is less than a half-mile away from the back gate to the base making it an easy commute for those in the Navy. With that said, being close to an airfield, expect to see and hear military jets take off and land daily. Have questions about this?

"We love being able to ride our bikes to base during the summer!" ~Sarah G.

Easy access to the base and Highway 20 is one of the defining features of Northgate Terrace. Thanks to a roundabout, crossing the highway to get to the base is easier and safer. Located adjacent to the highway, which is the main thoroughfare through Whidbey Island, means Oak Harbor to the south and getting off-island to the north are only minutes away. Island Transit, which is a fare-free bus system serving Whidbey Island, has stops near the highway entrance to Northgate Terrace. Buses transport riders to towns throughout the Whidbey as well as the March Point park and ride near Anacortes that provides transport to Mount Vernon. Request a copy of Island Transits Service Guide: Maps & Schedules be sent to you here. 

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Northgate Terrace is close to everything on the northern part of Whidbey Island. Oak Harbor, which is the largest city on Whidbey Island and home to shopping, schools, arts and crafts, entertainment and more, is a quick drive away. Soundview Shopper is on Highway 20 north of Northgate Terrace is a small store residents can buy the necessities. Deception Pass State Park, located on the northern tip of the island, is the most visited state park in Washington. The State Park has views the Strait of Juan de Fuca, hiking trails, fishing (both freshwater and saltwater), and swimming. Cornet Bay, which is located on the eastern side of Deception Pass State Park, provides a public boat launch.


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    Not only is Northgate Terrace close to base

    it has its own bus stop that makes travelling across the Island a breeze. 

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