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San De Fuca, Whidbey Island, Neighborhood

Located inside the northern boundary of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, parts of the San de Fuca neighborhood provide a snapshot of Whidbey’s history. With sweeping views of Penn Cove, residents and visitors can watch the harvest of Whidbey’s Penn Cove mussels, which are internationally known.

"The views are nothing short of stunning."  ~ Jake



A one-time small town that is now an unincorporated community, San de Fuca is a neighborhood that skirts the northwestern shore of Penn Cove. Remnants of the town still stand in the neighborhood. The San de Fuca Schoolhouse overlooks Penn Cove and a vintage, rural, fire station is the home of the 3 Sisters Beef retail store. Penn Cove Pottery, a gallery operating out of a building that used to be a general store, is thriving in the neighborhood. San de Fuca’s shores offer year-round harvesting of clams, mussels, and oysters. Many homes in the neighborhood enjoy panoramic views of Penn Cove and the Cascade mountains.

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Highway 20 winds its way through the San de Fuca neighborhood, which means Oak Harbor and Coupeville are easy to access as well as the sites within Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve. Fort Ebey State Park and Fort Casey State Park are popular recreation sites that attract thousands of visitors each year.


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    So close to the Penn Cove Mussel Rafts

    you have to take some time to check them out! learn about them here. 

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