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The Salty Mug

The Salty Mug Coupeville Washington, Coffee ShopLooking for that extra special coffee?

You cannot beat this specialty salted caramel coffee drink, named “The Salty Mug” from… well The Salty Mug.

Take a stroll down the Coupeville Wharf and you will come upon a beautiful red barn nestled by the waves at the end. Inside you will find a gift shop, a restaurant and The Salty Mug coffee shop. Don’t forget to look up and see Rosie the Gray whale while inside as well as the Handsome Samson & Rudy!

Coupeville warf, Red Barn, Ocean

Towards the back of the building you will discover a small entrance to a quaint coffee shop, The Salty Mug. Inside you will notice art hanging on the walls featuring local artists, fresh baked goodies lining the counters and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. There is cozy seating inside with glorious views out the windows looking across Penn Cove allowing you to enjoy the view even on the chilly days.

Ask owner David Howell (pictured) and his wife Pat what their suggested drink is and they will say, “the salty mug of course” they are not kidding.  OH MY GOODNESS it is so good you will not want to try anything else.Owner of The Salty Mug

Finally, escape from reality as you venture out the side doors onto their beautiful patio. It is here you get to see some of the most beautiful views on the island. Why not sit awhile and smell the crisp sea breeze and listen to the local wildlife splash in the water. Did I mention the view? Seriously, what is better than a warm cup of coffee while looking at the majestic snow capped mountains across the ocean?

Snow capped Mountains

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