Congratulations, you recieved a septic kit!

Let's talk about what is inside and why. 

Living in a house with a septic system is a bit different than living in a home without.  The septic system contains a collection of living organisms that digest and treat household waste.  It is important to properly maintain your septic system. Doing so is good for your health, your wallet, and the environment. The brochure in your septic kit goes into great detail. Check it out, or download it here. 

Since everything that goes down your drain finds its way into your septic system it is of the utmost importance to minimize the amount of substances that go down the drain, and only use products that are septic safe.

We put together this kit to get you started. But you can also check out this blog for other helpful suggestions.

Notice that the contents of your Septic Kit are held in a wastebasket! This is because hygiene products should be tossed in the trash can, NEVER flushed down the toilet.


Did you know there is a difference between toilet paper that can be sent down a toilet on septic than one that uses sewage?

This is why we have included in your kit a roll of SEPTIC SAFE toilet paper! You can find SEPTIC SAFE toilet paper here. 

To learn how to test your TP to see how safe it is for your septic check out this blog. 



Hair clogs happen. Instead of pouring caustic Drano into your plumbing (which can actually cause damage to pipes and will kill your septic system) use the included drain snake that will work in seconds to clear the clog and prevent you from having to resort to expensive and dangerous remedies.




To help prevent the hair clogs from happening we have included this drain strainer in your kit. You can place this strainer in your sink to prevent food particles and hair from making their way down the drain. Keep in mind there are several different types of strainers depending on the type of drain you have. Use this link to search for the one you need. 

With hard water being the rule and not the exception on Whidbey Island there is a constant battle to keep our toilet bowls and sinks free from the dreaded hard water rings. Using harsh chemicals to try and remove them can work but at the cost of damaging the function and life of your septic system. The solution? A simple and cheap pumice stone! A wet pumice stone won’t scratch porcelain but it will easily and effectively remove hard water build-up just by rubbing it back and forth across the stain. Try it out with the stone included in your kit.



E cloths are environmentally friendly clothes made to reduce the amount of chemicals that get sent down your drain because they are reusable and only use water. You can find other options here. 



Included in your kit is a Septic Safe liquid dish soap. Keep in mind any soap including dishwasher soap and laundry detergents should be checked to see if it is SEPTIC SAFE. Click here to find more options.