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Avoid These 9 Tax Filing Errors

There are people that stay organized all year long and file their taxes as early as humanly possible while others will wait till the very last minute. Some people tackle the task themselves while others hire out to relieve them of the stressor. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you are on, the deadline for filing your taxes is quickly approaching and everyone is susceptible to making one of these common mistakes. We would like to help you file successfully by not only making you aware of these mistakes but also by offering a digital download checklist for you to print and keep with you while you file.

According to the IRS, there are nine filing errors that most commonly cause a rejected status. Make sure you don’t become a statistic and be sure to double checking these nine things.

1.       Incorrect or missing social security numbers

We don’t often use our social security numbers. They can easily be forgotten or transposed when typing quickly. Be sure to slow down and enter your number exactly as it appears on your social security card. Don’t forget to give it a second look just to be safe.

2.       Dependent’s name(s) are incorrect or misspelled

It is easy to write the name you call your child all year long rather than their legal name. Be sure to write their name exactly as it appears on your dependent’s social security card.

3.       Wrong filing status

There are five filing status: single, head of household, married filling jointly, married filling separately, and qualifying widow(er). Click here to see the full recently updated Publication 501 to determine which one best fits your unique needs.

4.       The dreaded math errors

We have all done it at some point in life. Miss typed a number, calculated incorrectly, hit to many 0’s and suddenly, our numbers are all off and we don’t know where we went wrong. When it comes to taxes it is even more important to double check our work. If you are aware that you are not good with numbers perhaps it is one of those let the professionals handle the task or consider filing electronically to help reduce the error of mistakes. If you are looking for someone local Northwest Bookkeeping comes highly recommended!

5.       Electronic filing PIN errors

With that said… keep in mind that when filing electronically you are required to select a Personal Identification Number. Make sure it is a number you will remember and keep it safe.

6.       Incorrect Adjusted Gross Income

Additionally, something to keep in mind when filling electronically is that you might find yourself prompted to enter the adjusted gross income from the previous years tax return. Make sure you are entering not only the right year but also the right amount.

7.       Wrong bank account numbers for direct deposit

Can you only imagine finally having everything done and not getting your direct deposit because you entered your bank account information incorrectly? Take the extra time to double check you have input your account number correctly.

8.       Claiming the wrong tax credits or deductions

Read the instructions of the form carefully and fully to ensure you qualify for the credit or deduction you are claiming. Claiming the wrong ones can lead to a rejected status or worse.

9.       Submitting without signatures

Did you know that if your file unsigned it is automatically invalid? Save yourself the trouble and double check that all signatures are completed.

We hope you have a smooth tax filing experience and if you have any questions when it comes to including a purchase or sale of real estate in your tax filing just give us a call! We would be delighted to help!

Download our Tax Time Checklist Here