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The child-friendly atmosphere. Oak Harbor is home to the largest school district on Whidbey Island. Most elementary schools, as well as the middle school and high school, are located within city limits as well as Oak Harbor Christian School. Children enjoy numerous activities through schools and churches. Oak Harbor’s community theatre, the Whidbey Playhouse, has a vibrant youth program. The Roller Barn is a roller-skating rink that operates out of a vintage red barn.

"The benefit of living in the City of Oak Harbor is getting to enjoy Oak Harbor Main Street and Windjammer Park." 

- Gabrielle 

"Oak Harbor is "the city" of the island. It has all of the stores and amenities that you really need. There are a variety of people, housing, and great schools."


"My wife and I cannot get over how clean and crisp the water tastes in the City of Oak Harbor." 



Home to nearly 24,000 people, Oak Harbor is the largest community on Whidbey Island that is home to schools, shopping, churches, and entertainment. A military town, Oak Harbor hosts Naval Air Station Whidbey Island as well as the Seaplane Base. The town is home to numerous community festivals including the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Holland Happening that celebrates everything Dutch, and the Fourth of July parade. Another annual highlight is the community Thanksgiving Dinner, where thousands of people show up to enjoy a festive feast. Many families who enjoy the meal also spend a few hours volunteering to prepare food, serve, and clean up.

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Oak Harbor is the commercial hub of Whidbey Island, with most businesses located either on Highway 20, downtown, or Midway Boulevard. Several picturesque parks are popular destinations for residents including Windjammer Park located near downtown on the waterfront and Fort Nugent Park located on the south side of town near the Whidbey Golf Club.

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