Waterfront Resources, Windermere Real Estate, Whidbey Island
  • What type of soil is the property on? Solid Rock or Sandy Soil
  • Is the bluff or shoreline solid with mature native trees?
  • Does the Property have a Geotech report? If not, is there one for a nearby property?
  • Is there any sign of sliding? Bare Tree Roots or Sliding Debris
  • Are there any signs of water coming out of the bluff? Man-made or Natural
  • Do the neighbors have seawalls, bulkheads, riprap, ect?
  • Which way is the drift cell moving on the shore of the property?
  • Where does the beach nourishment come from?
  • How far is the septic system and drain field from the bluff or shoreline edge?
  • Is the property in a flood zone? You can make a quick search here.
  • Can flood insurance be acquired?

        How much will it be?

        Is there an elevation certificate for the property?

        Can you get a LOMC (Letter of Map Change)?

  • Under the shoreline Master Plan, how is the ability to develop the property affected?
  • Is there a reserve drain field for the septic system? If not, is there a space that can perc for one?
  • Is moving structures away from the the shoreline an option?
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